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Mandag – Torsdag:
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Kl: 22:00

Fredag – Lørdag
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Kl: 23:00

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01.05 Kl: 13:00 – 21.00

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20.05 Kl: 13:00 – 21.00

Velkommen til Grano


Grano is a concept born in the 1850 developed by our Great grandfather that……bla…bla…bla! Thats not true!

We are just 4 Guys that love making Italian food (pizza in this case).

If you wanna give it a try you are more then welcome to join us here at Grano.

Grazie e a presto!

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These guys make good food and amazing service. I must mentioned one day I walked in without knowing the place was not open and as a result they offered me free ciabata bread straight out of the oven. The paninis are awesome and looking forward trying some pizza here too.

Not only are the pizzas – both the conventional and al taglio versions – and panini excellent, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I had a chat with the pizzaiolo (I forgot to ask his name) on pizza dough making technique and it was really informative. Keep up the good work, guys, we will certainly be back!

“Best pizza in Trondheim. Or possibly in Norway. Most delicate crust ever!

Modig å starte pizzaplass i en by som allerede har flere gode steder. Denne utkonkurrerer dem alle! Raust med fyll og dødsgod bunn. Anbefales på det varmeste!”

Great food from focaccia to pizza to their salami and cheese and their homemade breads! And the staff is super nice and friendly!

Lovely Italian little place to enjoy some delicious food!

Grano offers the best pizza know to man.

The staff is very nice, and they sell all the ingredients you need to make your own awesome pizza, at really good prices.

Not many places in Norway can match Grano’s passion, quality, super-kindness-italian-style, and.. such such a delicious pizza and bread. Not many at all!

“If your mother cooks Italian food, why should you go to a restaurant?”

― Martin Scorsese

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Søndre Gate 25,
Trondheim, Norway.
Telefon +47 915 44 804
E-post post@grano.no
Messenger m.me/granotrondheim